Whether you're inside or outside the industry, an enthusiast, a tourist, or just looking for something new - food and drink in it's simplest form is such a beautiful thing. It's a way to bring people together, express creativity and love, find comfort, support a community, or a means to simply spend a day.

Exploredi aims to shine the spotlight on the food and drinks industry as a whole: from the consumer’s wants, the employee’s/employer’s needs, the ideas, the issues and the people shaping the future.

This is not a hobby or the views of an outsider. I have lived, breathed and worshiped food and drinks from within the hospitality industry for the past 12 years, and it's time I give something back.

Product, while important, is not the focus of this adventure. Reducing the industry to a simple Instagram photo is a discredit to the individuals who dedicate their lives to their craft. Let's look at the big picture, let’s explore the story.

Sometimes we won’t agree, but in the end simply having the conversation is only ever healthy.

Exploredi is a platform to have these discussions; rather than a podium for a single voice. If you've got something to say, somewhere to show or something to give - Exploredi is a voice. Join the adventure.