To Caffeinate

If you're into your Starbucks, Costa, Greggs, Pret a Manger; there are 47 shops around Edinburgh city centre to satisfy your caffeine needs. If that's what you enjoy, great! You'll almost definitely track one down yourself. These are simply the shops that go that extra mile and provide the best of the best coffee in Edinburgh.

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Nothing too fancy please
Why go to Starbucks?
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They focus on the entire customer experience, and offer great coffee as well as wonderful spaces - highly recommended if you want a lazy morning cup or a relaxing early-afternoon brew.

 We sat down with Robi, this is an insight into his business.

Brew Lab

Great coffee selection, with an impressive brew bar. Brew Lab has huge amounts of space, which makes it perfect for getting some work done - Macbook required.


The nicest man in Edinburgh coffee scene. Great coffee, roasted by Matt himself, who we had a very interesting chat with.

Cult Espresso

A wee bit out of the centre but a beautiful space to sit and relax in. These boys do it their own way and rarely disappoint. Join the 'movement'.


Another Edinburgh roaster, consistently making nice coffee. A safe bet every day, though don't expect too many exciting crazy flavours in the cup as some of the other options on this list. Their espresso tonic though, it's legit!


Consistently the best coffee in town. You can notice the attention to detail by just walking into the shop - and it comes through into the cup. It used to be purely the best filter coffee in town but they have recently stepped everything up to that next level. It’s a small space though, so don't perch all day on your laptop - they don't like that.

We had a chat with the owner, read that here!

Williams & Johnston

The pride of Leith. It’s worth the trip to try their coffee, set inside an art space and constantly improving.  

  • Just opened a new shop in Waverley Mall, looking forward to checking it out!


Like coffee and cake? This is your place. Their cakes are beautiful and usually feature quite exciting and innovative flavours - very Instagram-friendly! If you're into that..

Baba Budan

A very cosy space in the beautiful Edinburgh Arches. They have great breakfast offerings, tasty coffee and the best donuts in town.

Artisan Roast 

The Edinburgh original. Their coffee tends to be slightly darker-roasted, but it’s a real people pleaser, and they have great quirky spaces to sit in.