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A comprehensive and up-to-date list of options to find the best food in Edinburgh.

For Lunch

L’escargot Blanc has been one of the best dining surprises I’ve had in years. £12.90 for a two course lunch that will not leave you in any way unsatisfied. Best yet, the menu changes frequently so it never gets old! I cannot speak highly enough about this venue, it’s almost becoming a weekly tradition.

For Quality

Not the cheapest meal in town but Forage and Chatter is definitely one of the best. Forage and Chatter showcases Scottish produce using fine dining techniques and lots of colour. Service here is impeccable and the all round experience exceptional. Book a table.

For a Tasting Menu

Timberyard is the epitome of dining in Edinburgh. Family-run and Scottish-inspired, this menu will set you back £77 but after this experience you wont bat an eyelid worried about the cash. Everything within this venue has been meticulously decided upon and it is just an absolute delight to experience their vision. Another £70 will take the adventure even further with matching wines - Timberyard’s cellar is incredible and I would highly recommend this option!

For British

Traditional British food done well. It’s a pretty simple concept that is often over or underdone to the point where it just isn’t worth it. The Dogs find the right balance here and everything about this place screams no-nonsense. The last time I was in for lunch I was advised it’d be a 10 minute wait before I could order, as their kitchen was getting overrun. All it takes is a little communication to keep everyone happy, plus it gave me time to enjoy the view.

A contender for best value for money meal in town. Lunch especially.

For Breakfast

Breakfast can be a bit of a tough one centrally in Edinburgh as a lot of places prefer to offer full Scottish breakfasts rather than using their imagination. The Pantry in Stockbridge though is one place that does take pride in their  breakfast service. Amid all the breakfast regulars, the waffles are simply incredible, just make sure to get a side of bacon whatever you get. It is grand!

After breakfast at The Pantry………..

For Markets

A stone’s throw away from The Pantry on a Sunday you will find the Stockbridge Markets. It is the popular place to be on a Sunday and will sustain every needed meal should you miss breakfast. The winner for us is the Paella stall. There are chicken and vegan offerings, plus a special traditional seafood paella at 3pm with whatever the local fishermen catch that morning!

Coffee is also available through The Bearded Barista or Steampunk each week.

Should you miss Sunday - other market options are:
Edinburgh Farmers Market - located on Castle Terrace, Saturdays 10am - 2pm.
Leith Market - located on Dock Place, Saturdays 10am to 5pm
Grassmarket - On the Grassmarket, Saturdays 10am to 5pm
The Pitt - Night time markets on Pitt Street in Leith, Saturdays 12pm - 10pm


BYOB and well made Indian sharing food? Sign me up for Tuk Tuk!

Close to one of the best wine shops in Edinburgh (Drinkmongers), this place is too convenient to not be a regular. Every night it feels like everyone else in the city feels the same way too.

For an Authentic experience

Definitely not the most polished restaurant or greatest food in town but there is just something about Bar Napoli that keeps me coming back. It’s rare to get an authentic Neapolitan experience outside of Italy but this restaurant oozes character. Enjoy the commotion, surliness and throwing of plates.

For Italian:

Who doesn't like a great Italian meal? Chef Rosario Sartore grew up in a large Neapolitan food-focused family and he brings this same passion to your table every night at Locanda de Gusti. Absolutely incredible food is being produced in this kitchen, the ambience is amazing and the staff wonderful. They’re constantly singing in Italian as they waltz past, going about their work with the same passion as Rosario.

Chef Rosario also makes his own gluten-free pasta which is barely indistinguishable to the regular stuff. After travelling Italy with someone who suffers from coeliac disease, I know how difficult finding great gluten free options in Italian restaurants. Big plus for Locanda de Gusti.

For Outside

Civerinos Slice would be high up there in Edinburgh’s best pizza argument. They get a special mention based on their 20” size (it does matter) pizzas and their location at the top of Forrest Road.

On a sunny day buy a pizza to share with a mate, buy some beers and head down to the Meadows. Aside from a BBQ it’s the pick of the sunny day foods. Hell even on a rainy day just do the same but indoors!

For Ice-cream

Not exactly food but Mary’s Milk Bar has the best Ice-cream in Edinburgh hands-down. It wouldn’t be a summer’s day without a line stretching down the street outside Mary’s. It’s also a super cute little spot right on the Grassmarket and the staff are always incredibly lovely.

Everything is made fresh every day and they always have a couple of weird and wonderful flavours!

For an extended stay:

Steak. Eggs. Pint.

What more could you want on a hungover morning? Blackbird serve food (and beer) from 10am every day, and this refurbished old pub ticks all the boxes for a great day session. Don’t come for fine dining (it's good food), come for a great atmosphere with your pals.

Blackbird offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with a healthy drinks list covering all its bases and one of Edinburgh's best outdoor beer gardens. Stay a while.

For Burgers

And the most controversial for last. THE BEST BURGER IN EDINBURGH. Everyone will have their own opinion on this but here is ours.

Halfway down to Leith sits The Brass Monkey and it is a proper traditional pub. Worth going to based solely on that. You won’t find fancy beers or a cocktail list, just a damn good space to be.

I swear once I heard the microwave ‘Ding’ just before my burger came out* but after one bite I realised I didn’t even care. These burgers are the actual bomb.

Just trust me on this one.

*I could be wrong

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