Brew Lab

The brainchild of Dave Law and Tom Hyde, Brew Lab is a must-visit on any Edinburgh coffee adventure. Situated just behind the National Museum of Scotland, it’s also the closest best coffee should you be taking a stroll around the exhibits.

They may not have been the first speciality cafe in Edinburgh but they were definitely the shop that put Edinburgh on the coffee map. As the coffee is regularly produced by 2016 United Kingdom Barista Championship finalist Claire Wallace and other talented baristas, you can almost always count on a good coffee at Brew Lab.

Should the quality of staff not be enough for you, they also have all of the gadgets to back them up - including the high-tech Black Eagle coffee machine from Victoria Arduino which is an absolute dream to work with. Whether the Lab part to their name was a result of their proximity to the University or always a vision of their procedures, it does suit them well.

Due to its location though, do expect a sea of MacBooks. Some days it can be rather ridiculous, even despite the huge amounts of space offered.

Though recently the business has been bought by Union Coffee Roasters, the standard of coffee has not dipped at all. Dave, Tom and Claire are all still on board - and the idea remains the same.

Extra points for incredibly strong dog presence daily.

My dad even liked it.

Brew Lab - 6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA