From Matthew, creator of Exploredi:

My first ever job was a wee spot called Olivers at Manly in 2005 - I was washing dishes, waiting the occasional table and making several mistakes along the way. I was paid illegally and lasted only a tremendously painful month before my shifts disappeared.

If you’d asked me then at age 15, I’d never work in hospitality again.

Fast forward thirteen years and I’ve had the pleasure of working in multiple award winning cocktail bars, competing in and winning cocktail competitions, entering coffee competitions, learning about menu creation from michelin star chefs and having the pleasure of eating my way across the world. I have watched and learnt from peoples positive and negitives, constantly and forever a sponge.

I worked my way up from washing dishes, cleaning up sick and being yelled at by chefs to be where I am today. I achieved what I did through hard work, a good attitude, amazing mentors, proactive learning and always being hyper aware of my surroundings. Being hyper aware and having an entire peripheral understanding are understated attributes in an industry where a large percentage are focused on themselves.

Today I create Exploredi to help the next generations of hospitality professionals on their journey. Taking a step back now, I can use these skills I have learnt to help others.

I live and breathe this industry and only aim to make it better.

Whether you need to rewrite a menu, build a webpage, enhance efficiency, negotiate new product contracts or simply tighten the ship, we can help.

Exploredi is also is also doing research into healthy hospitality through industry and health professionals. This is an issue close to my heart and we aim in the future to help venues promote healthy practises with and for their staff.

Rates offered after information provided.