Cult Espresso

Situated probably the furthest from the absolute city centre on this list, Cult is worth the stroll. The Cult boys do things their own way, and the coffee is typically a different selection from the other shops, but it rarely disappoints. I’ve heard rumblings about it sometimes looking male-dominated behind the bar, but it’s actually for legitimate reasons - most of them are from the one family or childhood friends, which is super cool. It creates a dynamic between staff that a lot of other shops are unable to create.

You’ll often find the Cult crew hosting art events, live music and coffee presentations, using their picturesque lengthy exposed brick interior to full effect.

The food options are adequate for brunch, and if the boys are allowed the blowtorch back, a super tasty charred grapefruit and rosemary dish may make it’s way to the menu. Though this is unlikely!

Being a stones throw away from the Meadows, use Cult as a stop on a beautiful Edinburgh sunny day before lying out in the sunshine.

Cult Espresso - 104 Buccleuch St, Edinburgh EH8 9NG