Forage and Chatter

It might sound stupid but if a restaurant is willing to go that extra mile to jazz up a ever-changing piece of paper with some words on it, you can almost bet they’re going to go the extra mile with your meal. It’s the little things I feel that take an experience to the next level.

This was definitely the case at Forage and Chatter. Was the experience flawless? No, but the experience was incredible.

For the amount you’ll pay at a place like Forage, you’d naturally expect the food to be good. As such I’m not going to go into specific detail on each plate, a food critic has probably already done this better than what I can.

For the amount you’ll pay at a place like Forage, I expect an experience rather than a meal. A complete, safe, enjoyable total experience. Where all the little things are done well.

It’s the attention to detail and extra mile that catapults F&C to that next level.

When I have a feeling a restaurant are on top of everything service related I like to give them a little test. I’ll purposely use the wrong knife and see how long it takes to be replaced. It’s not necessarily a failure should it take some time, it’s usually noticed before the main course, but it took Forage less than two minutes to notice my ‘mistake’.

A piece of cork floated in my wine, again it was replaced instantaneously with a larger glass and a sincere apology.

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s about how they’re dealt with that really matters. I was impressed. 

The pig cheek, outstanding. Rich, delicate and filled with different textures.

The red deer, tender and cooked perfectly. Presentation immaculate.

Oh and the complimentary bread balls! What a nice surprise! It’s so easy to just serve bread, to go the extra mile for something that is free is pretty neat.

It’s pretty obvious the food here will consistently be up to standard.

But it's everything else that happens around the table that takes it to the next level. Individual native plants on each table. The decor focused around the Scottish outdoors. The staff always referring to you as Sir or Mam/Miss/Madame. I could go on.

Forage is an experience, a complete À la carte dining experience. Just check it out for yourself.

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