In terms of cafes that roast their own coffee, Fortitude would be our pick. After speaking with Matt the owner, this opinion is only heightened. The reason for Fortitude's change from using other people's coffee to roasting their own was not from a business/profit perspective but instead so that he was able to have a better connection with customers and his own staff. To have something to talk about; where it's from, the farmers name, why he roasted it a certain way and why he is excited to serve it to you.

For matt, in his own words, it's an adventure. An addictive rabbit hole that constantly excites him.
The coffee is damn good as well.

An abundance of wooden shelves greet you as you walk through the door, it's quite methodical and deliberate much like the owner himself. The bright wood dominates and brightens the room, and while still a small space Fortitude definitely manages it wisely. A bar on one wall, paired tables on the other and one round table to share; all leading your eyes in the direction to where the coffee is made.

Great coffee, simple yet effective design, atmospheric playlist and most importantly; friendly service. Matt himself is probably the nicest guy in the Edinburgh coffee industry and there seems to be an expectation that the rest of his staff follow a similar open motif. Approachability and accessibility are two things hampering the growth of speciality coffee in the United Kingdom, both things are definitely not any issue in this shop.

His mother might think Fortitude is especially posh but it's actually incredibly down to earth. Give it a try.
Read more of what he had to say here.

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