Boasting two shops within the city centre, Machina espresso are another one of the old kids on the block in the Edinburgh coffee scene. Currently roasting their own coffee, Machina are a good choice for a decent cup of coffee. They have recently gone through a faze of some inconsistency where 'it depends who's working' but that is understandable with some new faces in the shop. Everything though seems to be getting back to normal at the top standard expected of Machina.

Should you see their head barista though, she will definitely knock you up something incredible. Emiliya has immense passion for the industry and is amazing at what she does. A lovely lovely person as well!

They make our list because the good days are really really good and they’re in amazing locations with great fit-outs. 

A Machina espresso tonic before a beer in the meadows, a damn good day out!