Six by Nico – Three Times Six = ?

Exploredi visited the first three menu's created at Six by Nico in Edinburgh. How did they rank? Do they deserve the hype? It certainly was an interesting journey.

Please do read my previous review of Six by Nico to give context for this next instalment. It is quite the entertaining read.

I went back on my word - I did revisit Six by Nico and their ‘Mexico’ theme. I did this purely for one reason and one reason alone. I received what seemed to be a personalised email from Nico himself asking for feedback on his ‘Cooking Wonka’ set menu as it had received some negative criticisms. If you’ve read my previous reviews, I’m sure you can assume the tone of my response.

Unfortunately I received that same ‘personalised' email word for word a couple days later, embarrassing! But alas, that is beside the point I’m here to make.

I ventured back to Six by Nico as Nico had promised to work on some of the issues I had raised, this time booking under a different name. I was hesitant to return as I didn't wan't to be perceived like I was picking on one specific venue but I am glad I changed my mind - I did enjoy it third time round.

Credit where credit is due, Six by Nico has improved. Many issues have been resolved. 

The food now actually looks like the Instagram implies, for me this was a gigantic issue as it was incredibly deceptive. See previous review for further explanation on this, as well as side-by-side pictures.

The barstaff actually made a Negroni, finally! Was it a good Negroni? No, it was actually pretty terrible but it was at least what I ordered. Six by Nico is not Bramble or Panda & Sons, so I was never expecting the greatest quality of cocktail talents. It was simply the wrong ratio, read here for my tips on the perfect Negroni every time. Again, previous reviews for further explanation!

There was less focus on things like ‘fizzy grapes’, dusts and popping candy soil - more focus on just making real food. Was it the most inventive or complex of foods? No not really. Was it nice? Yeah it actually was. The first three courses were actually really enjoyable - the taco, nachos and corn risotto.

The presentation on the nachos dish was especially exquisite.

But this is where I have my issues, it was nice without being mindblowing and somewhat safe. While I enjoyed this visit far more than the first two, it did cost about £40. I can’t help but think how fulfilled I’d be if I spent £40 at El Cartel or Bodega with similar Mexican themed experiences.

You have the choice between somewhere that specialises in something 365 days a year, somewhere with its own established and defined identity. Or somewhere that throws together a menu based around a random theme every few weeks with no real identity at all. In a city like Edinburgh with so many different options for dining, I know which one I'd choose.

But that’s where I’ll leave it - I finally had a good experience. Will I be back? No, that's me for real this time. It’s fine for what it is but I’d rather spend my money on something more authentic, genuine and fulfilling - something which I fear may never happen with Six by Nico due to their concept and rotating menus. 

For the price, it is decent value. Six courses for 28 quid, not bad! But for the same price, there are many better spots to explore - with the exception of Timberyard, every spot on the To Eat List will cost similar or less. All I would say are better all-round experiences than Six by Nico. 

I am happy to admit though Six by Nico does seem to make a lot of people happy and excited about food, something that I thoroughly encourage and endorse. Food should be exciting! Up to you now Nico, don’t let people down.

Six by Nico - 97 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ

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