Let’s Learn Cocktails – The Negroni

Back in my bartending days I had the privilege of working very closely with Daniele Pirotta, the Australian National Brand Ambassador for Campari. Originating from Sesto San Giovanni in Italy, where Campari was produced for over 100 years, this man bleeds Campari. I learnt so much from Daniele; he could captivate an entire room, he would take guests on a journey of both the palette and the world, and he made a damn fine Negroni.

25ml Gin of your choosing.

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth. Preferably of the Italian varietal (it’s what Daniele would want)

The Campari website’s recipe recommends to serve these ingredients on ice and garnish with an orange slice/twist. Not even a stir. I agree with this completely as there is nothing worse than an over diluted Negroni. The ice will dilute it over even a little bit of time.

For the perfect Negroni; get one bottle of gin, one bottle of Campari, one bottle of Vermouth. Make sure all three bottles are the same size. Pour all three into a container large enough to hold all three. Give it a wee stir. Decant back into the three bottles.

You now have three bottles of perfectly made Negroni.

It is possibly the one drink NO restaurant should make badly.