What to do in Edinburgh

What to do in Edinburgh? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is, anything you want. This isn’t London where it takes over an hour getting from one inner borough to another borough for a cup of coffee - this is Edinburgh. On one side of town is the hills, on the other, there’s the sea and in the middle, we have a castle on a goddamn extinct volcano. Cool!

It would take you a bit over an hour an walking from one side to the other - we are also blessed with one of the best public transport services in the world. Lothian buses, fantastic job - everyone who makes this service function is a hero in my eyes. If you don’t thank your bus driver in this city, you’re a dick.

The average London daily commute almost equates to a return trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow. The possibilities in Scotland for things to do are absolutely endless.

So let's ask the question again, let's ask what you’re going to type into google. ‘What to do in Edinburgh?’

Let’s rattle off some options:

Visit Edinburgh Castle - awesome choice. £18 but totally worth doing once - how often do you get to visit a castle with an amazing museum, filled with British history on top of a volcano? It’s a must do.

National Museum of Scotland? Amazing, it’s free and one of the best museums I’ve ever been to - it’s the best value attraction in town. It’s a little-known tourist fact that you can actually get to the roof where a 360-degree uninterrupted view of the city can be experienced. The Scottish and Viking history sections are impressive, taking you back through Scotland’s long fascinating history.

The Scotch Whisky Experience? It’s fun, whisky is great and you get to go on a barrel ride? Sick.

Walking around the Old Town is an amazing experience. It’s a city filled with so much history so enjoy its age and its beauty - just watch out for guys dressed as monks trying to hand you stuff. Those guys are great at getting you to give them money - I still don’t know what they do.

Go to Leith! You’ve watched Trainspotting right? It must be where people do heroin.

People do heroin everywhere, fuck off. Leith is a super interesting, historical seaside town with incredible culture and is a global emerging food and drink destination. Walk along the water and end up in Portobello, jump in the water and maybe the heroin you bought will wear off. The water is cold - the dog scene is exceptional though.

Walk up Arthurs Seat but then realise you should just climb the Craigs (the Lion King looking hill in front of Arthurs Seat) because the view is better, there are less selfie-taking tourists and the walk takes a quarter of the time. Take some beers and spend some time soaking it all in, contemplate life.

So how do I answer the ‘what to do in Edinburgh?’ question?

Well, this is a food and drink website so the answer is pretty damn obvious.

Edinburgh has one of the highest concentrations of cafes/pubs/bars/restaurants in the world per person, it’s actually pretty crazy. This tiny city is littered with amazing places to eat and drink.

How many cities in the world can you say this…

  • I need to take a French client out for a great lunch (L’es Cargot Blanc)
  • I want to get a great craft pint when I finish work, it’s been a long week.  (Multiple places)
  • After the aforementioned pint, I really am craving a taco, but not like a crappy fast food taco - an actual good taco. (El Cartel/Bodega)
  • I’m meeting up with a Tinder date, she apparently likes wine (Brauhaus)
  • I think we might get dinner after though, I’m thinking Italian (Locanda de Gusti)
  • It’s going well, let's get a cocktail and party. (Bramble)
  • Shit, we’re hungry again. Where does actual good food at 2am? (Nightcap)

Replace a cuisine with any cuisine of your choosing - rearrange the order however you want and Edinburgh has you covered. Depending on where you get that first pint, it’s less than a 15min walk between each stop. This can all be done in one night, actual quality venues all offering something different - only one of these spots ranks well on your typical review websites.

Fuck trip advisor.

Wake up next to your tinder date that next morning and end up in the highlands or by some Loch within about an hour. Propose to her on day three at the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest point in the U.K and you’ve only spent about 3 hours commuting to this point.

Have your heart broken by Wednesday.

Welcome to the best city in the world. Welcome to Edinburgh.